Naughty cupcakes

Warning: The following contains graphic and disturbing photos which may require Parental Guidance lol These are for Adults only 😛

A friend’s colleague contacted me to order cupcakes. It was for a bridal shower. Immediately, I imagined some pink cupcakes, with pearl or silver sprinkles.. You know, those girly, cute ones. Well, Not. She requested to make it naughty. The naughtier the better, she said. I was up for the challenge and I’m glad I did! I love how the cupcakes turned-out (with Mr. Google’s friend). Indeed, these cupcakes made the bridal shower event interesting.

These are chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate buttercream then topped with chocolate-flavored fondant and decorated with sugarpaste 🙂

I’ve warned you.

And here are some close-up shots:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Merelene says:

    Hi Jinky, You are simply Awesome!
    I believe your Passion for baking and your natural Creative skill will go a long way.
    I watch you grow from being your 1st guinea pig tester. haha and I am really impressed so far.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful delightful treats with me!!


    1. sweetlyf says:

      You’re welcome 🙂
      Thanks so much for this wonderful comment Merelene!
      You will still remain as one of my guinea pigs hehehe

      **hahaha I noticed you placed your comment in the naughty cupcakes hehehe**

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