More cupcakes

Just this weekend, I made this assorted cupcakes: vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream. Let’s have a look on the icings used for the cupcakes.  This is like Icing 101 🙂

Chocolate Ganache is a mixture of rich, dark chocolate with heavy cream. It’s smooth and thick and can be used as filling or icing.  Chocolate lovers will surely enjoy this.

Buttercream icing is egg-free and contains more unsalted butter than powdered sugar. Hence, the name butter 😛 The ingredients are whipped until it reaches the right consistency to be piped onto cupcakes. It can be mixed with colors except for chocolate-flavored buttercream icing.


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  1. Mamta says:

    Its really WOW!!!
    The award for Cupcake expert of this year goes to Ms. Sweet Jinky……………………………..:))
    I think this is the most important suggetion for you to open the Cupcake shop. I will be always there for your help:))
    So, let me know when oyu are starting the new job.
    We have Good distributor and advtiser also,hope u understand what i mean…:)

    Jinky you really got the creative mind, very nice job.

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Hahahaha! Thanks Mamta for dropping by and for the nice words 🙂
      Yes, the shop will be handled by very good distributor and advertiser hehehe
      Hugz Mamta 🙂

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