Cool gift box

My friend/flatmate ordered a fondant cake for her friend’s birthday party today. She requested to make it blue coz her friend doesn’t like pink! 😛 So after much discussion about the cake designs, we finally decided that it’s going to be a fondant gift box cake! The whole cake will be in very light blue but the ribbon/bow will be in it’s darker shade.

This is the classic chocolate 6-inch square cake frosted with chocolate buttercream before covering with the light blue colored fondant. A darker shade of royal blue was used for the bow. Yellow star sprinkles were also scattered around the ribbon glued by royal icing. Piped small dots of royal icing around the below edges of this cake.

I hope the birthday celebrant likes it 🙂


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  1. Ginna Babes says:

    Jinkidoks, GRABE na to….you are such a very talented lady. You are totally different now but still maintain your artistic outlook. From drawing….to fashion designing….to photography… to baking….I’m starting to fall in love with you GIRL….

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thanks Ginna! 🙂 Love you too friend!

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