Naughty cupcakes (3)

Naughty cupcakes… NOT… just a bit 😛 Jess ordered these chocolate cupcakes decorated with fondant for her friend’s bridal shower but she requested that I make it a less naughty. You may have already noticed which ones I have replaced from the photo hehehe See how the other items were covered 😛
The name of the bride-to-be is in white letters brushed with silver pearl dust.

Jess sms me this morning that the cupcakes were enjoyed very much in the bridal shower party 🙂 Thanks Jess.

Here are the links of the previous cuppies:
Naughty cupcakes (1)
Naughty cupcakes (2)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Richa says:

    sexy Cupcaked…..;p

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thanks Richa 🙂

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