Customized birthday cupcakes – Music and Basketball

These are chocolate cupcakes with ganache and decorated with fondant related to music and basketball. Gelyn specifically mentioned to include in the decoration: guitar, basketball and Nike logo — which are her fiancé’s favorite things 🙂 He loves guitar and into playing basketball.

A little background about this:
For the musical notes, I used the rtu black fondant. But I found it pale so I painted it with Wilton’s edible black color. Bad decision. I should have just left it as it was. Up to the time it was delivered the color wasn’t dry yet. And the weather last Saturday was not too cooperative for the fondant. I just warned Gelyn about the wet paint not to eat it else they want their teeth with black stain hehehe.

Music-themed cupcakes:

Basketball-themed cupcakes:

16 Cupcakes for Gelyn’s fiancé:

Thanks Gelyn for the order 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Geni says:

    Very cool cupcakes. I am in awe of bakers who can make it look so perfect. I have a new baking blog if you have the time to stop by.

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thanks Geni! Ok.. I’m going there now to your blog and check it out hehehe Oh! And I’ll also link it here 🙂

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