Beach/Underwater Birthday Cake

Sookie requested for a cake with a theme of Barbie in a Mermaid tale for her sweet daughter, Thea, who’s turned 8 years old.. BUT.. without Barbie and the mermaids! Geez.. good thing Barbie wasn’t included or else I dont know how I’ll position her on the cake hehehe She said I don’t need to worry about the decoration so long as the surf board is there and the cake tastes good. But my ‘almost-perfect’ sense tells me that I need a beach scene to incorporate the surf board. Also, I saw the pink dolphin as Barbie’s friend.. hmm.. so I thought underwater scene should also be there.


She initially requested for a buttercream frosting. But I thought that it would melt easily and it’s harder to decorate it 😦 I already knew that I’ll be using fondant to mould the fishes, dolphins and stuff. I suggested to use the fondant so I’d be able to practice covering a 10-inch cake for the upcoming wedding cake requests 🙂 Fyi. It took me more or less 45 minutes to knead and get the size of the fondant to cover the 10-inch. arrggghh!

So I already had in mind that I will have a beach and underwater scenes!
And next thing I know, I’ve moulded a lot of the sea creatures lol It was still a good thing because all 4 sides of the cake have the fishes and stuff hehehe (I forgot to include the octopus and the plants in the cake 😦 They’re in a separate storage.. geez)

    The cake:

This is a 10-inch 2-layer fondant chocolate cake. The top I halved to show the beach and shore sides. The sides of the cake shows the underwater scene. All the decorations used are fondant/gumpaste except the sand 🙂

This is the beach side with pink dolphins and yes, floating shells and stuff hahaha I used the royal icing, mixed blue and white, to show the little tiny waves 😛 Excuse me? that’s not a small boat. It’s Barbie’s surf board! hehehehe

The shore side. I used the Ritz biscuit crumbs for the sand, I used the royal icing to stick the crumbs on the fondant cover .. It also have the little umbrellas, folded beach towels and surf boards. They’re all 3 each because Barbie has 2 other friends in that movie hehehe

The right side of the cake:

The left side of the cake:

The back of the cake:

The front view of the cake:

Geez.. this is such a long entry hehehe

Sookie messaged me that they like the cake. Thanks Sookie for the order 🙂

The design used in this cake was inspired from the following links. Thanks for sharing!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Katharine says:

    The cake is adorable! Did you have Barbie napkins and stuff to go with it?

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thanks Katharine. I’m not sure if the cake requestor used those barbie stuff in her daughter’s birthday 🙂

  2. Geni says:

    You did such a great job! How FUN!

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