Cartoon Cakes

I attended Anna’s workshop on cartoon cakes last Sunday. I was interested to learn the chocolate transfer method. I once did the buttercream transfer method based on some online tutorials. But I think the chocolate transfer method has a nicer finished-look on cakes and also it tastes better! 🙂

In this workshop, Anna demonstrated how to prepare and bake the Chocolate Sponge Cake. Afterwards, the Italian meringue. Geez, I really need to purchase a stand mixer soon 😦 I would love to learn the Italian meringue coz its less sweet and it holds the shape when piped in a cake or cupcake and most of all, tastes so much better than buttercream. Then came the exciting part! Preparing the chocolate transfer method.

This was the drawing I chose to use for my cake:

This is after the melted chocolate was applied on the drawing.. err on the plastic (the sketch was inside the plastic hehehe). Yes, it should be in a reverse image. So after the chocolate has set, you can nervously transfer the image on top of the cake hehehhe

And this is the decorated cake!

The thing about Anna’s workshop. She’s very sweet, kind and very patient in answering lots of her students questions. Maybe because she was a teacher previously. But I always enjoy attending her workshops! If only I can sign-up on all her classes! hehehe

Thanks Anna for another wonderful workshop.


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