Three hundred cupcakes – Behind the scenes

The production of 300 cupcakes didn’t go smooth as what I’ve expected. It’s all about time management. I thought I managed it well. The order due date/wedding event was 11-Sept 12Noon, it’s a public holiday before that day so the timing was just perfect (or so I thought *sighs*)! A week before the order due date, I was able to buy the materials and ingredients. But I had to join our group’s Malacca tour which was already scheduled beforehand. I was apprehended to join and I was willing to let my $30.00 go into waste just so I can prepare more for the cupcake orders. But still, I didnt want to miss the chance of spending a day with my friends on tour lol.

But even during the tour, my mind was occupied with how to manage the 300 cupcakes. A choir friend offered her help and I accepted it. But still, I was short of time. The baking of 300 cupcakes were completed around 6pm (from 10am to 6pm — 16 trays, only 1 tray can go to my oven). And then, it was time for SOS around 8pm. Five of my friends, without any hesitation, even if I live in a far far away land, with complete willingness to help and stay awake till morning, reached my place at 10pm. The feeling of being stressed, shocked and i-dont-know-what-else didn’t go away. I admit I was a bit dissapointed of how it turned out. I accepted the orders because I knew I can handle and manage it. The main factor was time management. I’ve learned my lesson. Though a ‘bit’ disappointed, I’m still happy that it was completed with the help of a lot of angelic hands 🙂 I say, labor of friendship 🙂

Below are some photos during the production:

All seven of us (Leslie was the one who took the photo), were in my small room:

Leslie was complaining that her hand has callouses using the rolling pin, lol. Ben and Belay were also doing the fondant. Imagine, they didnt have any experience in doing the fondant and yet they’re a quick learner hehehe

This was during the assembly in the morning lol

This post is to thank my friends who were so kind to offer their help: Weng, Belay, Ben, Shiela, Leslie and Dexter. To my flatmates, Chen, Tanjo and Mariz. Especially Chen and Tanjo who prepared and cooked the delicious and filling breakfast for me and my friends! To Jepoy and Mitch for showing support in the morning and providing the breakfast too hehehe

Thank you so much guys!!
Yes, I’m keeping my promise of not accepting any mass order.. FOR NOW… maybe next year can? hehehe

**FRIENDS ARE indeed ANGELS in disguise**


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marix says:

    kayang kaya basta sama sama!
    Congrats Jinky! and indeed it’s a great experience for you, aja aja!

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thanks Marix! Aja aja talaga!!! Yeah, so many lessons learned tsk-tsk-tsk buti na lang nahimasmasan na ako hehehhe Tinanggihan ko na today ung order na dalawang daan! wahhh

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