Wedding project 1: A 3-tier cake and 100 cupcakes

A friend gave me the opportunity to make her wedding cake, my first! The wedding’s color theme was orange and midnight blue. She requested to have 100 cupcakes and a tall wedding cake. Since it’s my first wedding cake, I dont know how to make it tall hehhehe She suggested that the base of the cake was real and the rest were dummy cakes. Budget wise, it’s more practical and also, she said she’s concern about me and it will be less stressful for me. At first I didnt like the idea of dummy cakes.. and I haven’t tried covering styrofoams with fondant. I read from somewhere that its more difficult to cover. And it was! the fondant gets easily ripped. I tried more than once, good thing it was just styrofoam and no cream, just damped water so it’s easy to reuse the fondant.

I started preparing the 100 cupcake sleeves of orange and midnight blue on Monday and Tuesday. I have completed buying the ingredients by Thursday. On Friday, I was on leave from work (I’m soooo lucky to have a very kind and understanding Boss! Though he didn’t know why I was on leave shhhh) to complete the cupcakes and the wedding cake… till Saturday morning.. without any sleep! lol I was really nervous of the thought of being late!

The plan was to assemble the cakes at the reception because for one, I dont have a very tall box and I dont have a car hehehe So I already expected that there could be some damages, I brought more than enough of the royal icing, a 500g kneaded fondant, bubble tea straws, apron, spatula, piping bags everything except the oven and the mixer hahaha

It was all prepared in 4 bags. After I showered, I checked again the base cake, I lift up the cover of the box and voila! the top was stuck!! wahhhhh 😦 I was doomed.. I reached for the wax paper and cover it again and rushed so I can fix it all up at the reception.

I left the flat at 10am and called a cab. Up to now, I still dont know how I was able to carry 4 big bags LOL I was struggling because it’s really heavy 😦 the ceramic cake stand, the cupcake tower, paraphernalias like the tools, wedding knives, small plates, forks. etc etc. like I just mentioned, except the oven and the mixer LOL

When I reached the place, I just went straight to one corner, wore my apron and start doing some praying, chanting and magic hahahaha

Here’s the remedied cake:

The initial plan was just the plain white cake with ribbons and gumpaste flowers. Since I have to hide a few damages and good thing I brought more than enough of royal icing, I just piped some scrolls on the base cake and few scrolls up to the top tier. The cake turned out better, I think πŸ™‚

Here’s the cake table setup:

They gave me a square table and they left me do the arrangement. I randomly put some real daisies and roses on the cupcake tower and also scattered it around the table with the shredded moss colored paper πŸ™‚

50 cupcakes were topped with fondant daisies which I made usin a molder then paint it with orange gel paste. I was short of time so I only managed to do 50 daisies for the cupcakes 😦

By the way, the cupcakes were egg-free πŸ™‚

The cake was 3-tier. Top (6-inch) and middle (7-inch) tiers were dummy cakes. The base cake (10-inch) was a 3-layered chocolate cake filled and covered with chocolate ganache. Made 6 gumpaste Gerbers and 6 molded daisies.

Coloring the gumpaste with orange was very difficult 😦 I really had a hard time with it. I didnt have much time to open my computer and search for some few tips on how to color the gumpaste with orange lol

My first wedding project was stressful yet rewarding πŸ™‚ The couple loved their cupcakes and cake and the guests, which were mostly my friends LOL, enjoyed the cupcakes πŸ™‚

Thanks Nelvie for giving me this chance πŸ™‚ I wish you and Ronald the best of luck! Congratulations and best wishes πŸ™‚ *muwah!!*
My second project will be on Oct. 30 for another friend πŸ™‚ Oh my! They’re all getting married, I wonder who will do my wedding cake when it’s my turn hehehehe


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  1. Wengay says:

    Hi Ate Jinky,

    I just wanna extend my congratulations for a job well done for the making of this lovely cake, and cupcakes as first time ever in your history of making cakes, hehehe :)..

    Truly it was so attractive and captivating to eyes the way you made it, and of course the yummy taste of it.

    Just wanna share with you how my household members in SFC reacted on the cupcakes that i brought from the wedding, because yesterday, we had a household meeting in my place, and these cupcakes were the one i offered for them…. i was shock because it never came to my mind that they reacted that way…there were so amazed how cute and lovely these cupcakes, to the extend that they took photos on it…wow!!! “so amazing” i said. Furthermore i said that… “Well that’s only the appearance…. i dont know how would you react when you taste it” hehehe.. so when they had it finished…uuyyy..they appreciated the taste. so palatable and savory for them as shown with their facial expression… hehehehe

    I just humbly tell to them,, that It was my friend in the choir who made it. The cupcakes wont that be attractive and tasty if it is not done by the heart… (^^,)….as if.. this was the summary for the discussion that we had pertaining to God’s Love (^___^) Amen!!!

    For this, May GOD be Praise!


    1. sweetlyf says:

      LOL thanks Wengay πŸ˜›

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