Naughty cupcakes(4)

Yesterday, our group prepared a surprise bridal shower for Leslie. Few days before, we pretended that we’re preparing for my birthday party hehehe.. So she was surprised when she arrived at Belle’s crib (the venue) and we’re all there waiting for her 🙂

Of course, the bridal shower party won’t be complete without these naughty cupcakes 🙂 These were nutella cupcakes topped with thin ganache and fondant toppers.

(Text in cupcakes: LESLIE is getting married)

And these chocolate cupcakes frosted with Swiss meringue buttercream in rose swirl 🙂

You can also checkout the previous cupcakes I made:
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  1. Katharine says:

    Those rose cupcakes are so gorgeous. They look like they taste good too. Yum!! Did you post the recipe?

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thanks Katharine 🙂 The chocolate cupcakes I got from the ‘joy of baking’ and the swiss meringue buttercream frosting, I learned from the video tutorial in here:

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