Wedding project 2: Cookies, cupcakes and a 3-tier cake

Last Saturday, 30-10-2010, was a friend’s wedding. The event was a success with the help of a group of friends who dearly love the couple 🙂 From flowers, church, reception.. just a few bumps but it still turned out a fun and memorable event.

Here are the baked goodies which were prepared for this special event:

50 Sugar cookies as wedding favors:

25 Chocolate cupcakes as additional favors: (Cupcake photo courtesy of Rhed)

And the 3-tier wedding cake:

All tiers were real cake. The top tier was a bit wonky LOL Good thing it’s a humourous wedding couple figurine which just seems to blend with the slanted direction LOL.

There are 3-layers of 6-inch cake as the top tier: vanilla/mocha/vanilla. Cream cheese was used as the filling and frosting. For the middle tier, it’s 2-layers of 8-inch chocolate cake filled with swiss meringue buttercream(with oreo crumbs) then frosted with chocolate ganache. The bottom tier was a 2-layer 10-inch mocha cake, filled and frosted with swiss meringue buttercream.

The initial design of the cake was supposed to have a thin dummy cake between the top/middle, and middle/base where it will hold the sugarpaste roses. This will help to make the cake look taller. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Still, the cake looks decent 🙂 I love how it looks like some country rose theme heheheh

The pretty favor tags were made by a very creative friend Marix. Lovelyyyy!! She’s responsible for planning and decorating the reception area. Aside from that, she did great with her hosting job. Read all about the preparation she did from her scrappalific blog :)Thanks Marix! (I’m tempted to post your photo here LOL).
Thanks to Roxanne (the cake engineer) for the tips. I hope to execute it some other time (maybe another friend’s wedding, who knows!).
Also to Ms. Gina who’s always accommodating to my questions whenever I go to her kitchen capers store to buy some stuff! hehehe
To the DGC group and to other friends who helped (I sounded like I was the bride LOL).
And to the newly wed couple, thank you for trusting us to mess up ..errr nooooo….. smoothen up your special event hahahaha kidding. We all had fun!

Congratulations and best wishes Dex and Les!


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