Soccer themed cupcakes

I received a request for a green-black color themed cupcakes frosted with buttercream swirl. I thought black won’t be that nice to be the cupcake wrapper so I try to ask more information about the theme. The next info I gathered was it’s a football theme, no specific team. What came to my mind was the brown oval-shaped football. For a minute, I really got confused there hehehe.. For me, when you say football, it’s got to be the American football. A soccer is a soccer. Fact is Association Football, commonly known as ‘soccer’, is one of the various types of football including the American football. As confirmed, it’s a soccer themed cupcakes.

Going back to the cupcakes, I baked 24 chocolate cupcakes and frosted it with Swiss Meringue buttercream (SMBC). The design I initially planned was to pipe green grass (tip #233) then topped with a soccer ball. Though the SMBC is a very good frosting which can hold its shape, it was very soft when I tried to pipe it as grass. It looks awful LOL So I just stick with the common SMBC swirl. I made 24 fondant soccer ball (drew the almost-look-like-soccer-ball in free-hand lol) as the cupcake topper. Nothing fancy, just simple cupcakes 🙂

Thanks Eisa for the order 🙂

Below photos were courtesy of Eisa (shots taken from the party 🙂 It was very nicely set up. So creative!


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