A Rosey Birthday

Jess requested for a box of chocolate cupcakes for her colleague/friend’s birthday. The color theme is either red and white or red and pink. But I need to put some green leaves for roses, it doesn’t seem complete without it 🙂

Here are the 12 cupcakes:

Thank you Jess for the order 🙂 I hope your friend will like it.

Included in the packaged goodies is my name card which, by the way, Jess designed 🙂 (She’s working as a Graphic Designer). It was done many months ago. Thanks Jess for helping me with the name card 🙂

An update:
She gave me this nice Thank You card when I met her a few minutes ago for the cupcakes. Sweet!! I’m so touched 🙂 Thanks Jess.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    wee! ang bilis! 🙂

    Thank you Jinky! its always good to talk to you plus ung cupcakes syempre.. Blockbuster naman lagi! 😀 ang cute at ang sarap!!! 😀 to die for!

    Im glad naappreciate mo ung card. (sana pala inayos ko ung sulat ko. hehe) hi nalang kay marie!

    eto pala new blog ko:

    til the next order!
    more to come 🙂


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