Racing car cupcakes and cake

Vera requested for a car themed cake and cupcakes for her son’s birthday in his school.
No specific car just that her son would like to see cars on his cake. I found a tutorial from cake journal one how to make a fondant race car cake topper.
So I just decided to do all the race car cupcake/cake toppers.

The cake is a 6-inch chocolate flavored with ganache as filling and frosting.

I was starting to get impressed on how I managed to make the checkered black/white cake sides. I think I have pressed hard the Patchwork square cutters as guide. Then the cracks started to appear on the edges. I thought it will stop. Nope. You may notice in the succeeding photos how the cake looks like going to collapse anytime soon! It’s like the clock was ticking and I panicked on how to save the cracks.

To cover the cracks, I started putting around a long fondant rope-thing.

It didn’t help. To cover the obvious, I hid it with green-looking-plants.

It got worse! Then time for me to get the royal icing and piped around it so the cracks won’t grow and put it back to my room for a cooler storage.

This is the last image of the cake I saw LOL I knowwww, my bad.. its for a kid’s school and the word ‘Birthday’ was spelled in short-cut! (B*DAY). arrggh. I only realized it after it was collected.

Thanks Vera for the order 🙂

I totally forgot that Vera intially requested for 20 cupcakes then changed it to 25. But then what stuck on my mind was from somebody else request of 30 cupcakes 🙂 Vera noticed it when she collected them. She was kind enough to accept the extra 5 and pay for it .
I’ve already prepared the cake knife, number 3 candle and the purple plastic bag to carry the cupcakes and cake. But we’ve changed the bag into something bigger. So, the knife and candle were missed to be included in the bag. Sorry again Vera.

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