The Tom and Jerry cake and cupcakes

Lately, I’ve been receiving requests with challenging themes: Dibo, Green Lantern, Racing Car and recently, Tom and Jerry. I’m not yet confident to do the fondant figures so just like what I did with Green Lantern, the Tom and Jerry was also made in somewhat 3D 🙂 So I searched from the web to find some inspiration.

Most of the Tom and Jerry images are either chasing or fighting lol Good thing I found an image that they’re in good terms hehehe For the cake, I used below google image. Yes, it’s black and white lol so I have to color it first before I refer to it while decorating the cake.

For the cupcakes, I used this link and decorated the 30 cupcakes with Tom and Jerry’s face. By the way, Jerry looks like Mickey Mouse here hehehhe

The cake and cupcakes were requested for the Christening/Baptismal celebration of Louie and Donna’s 2nd child, Jase. Thanks Louie and Donna for the order 🙂


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