Animal farm fondant figures

Richa’s friend would like to request for a two-tier cake for her son’s 3rd birthday.
Since the start of 2011, I wasn’t accepting any orders so I turned down her friend’s request.
They found someone who can bake the two-tier but the baker honestly told them that he/she was not confident to make the fondant figures.
Then they thought of me again πŸ™‚ and requested that I do the fondant figures.
I accepted because well, it doesn’t require any baking hehehe. I made the pigs, cows, a rabbit, bees, lady bugs, ducks, carrots and some extra flowers.

I enjoyed making these cute animal fondant figures.

Thanks Richa and to your friend.

Here are the photos of the 2-tier cake from Richa’s friend:

The birthday boy’s mom lovingly put all those fondant figures on top of the cake.

Note: I did not bake the cake πŸ™‚ I only did the fondant figures.


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