De Ruijter: Chocolate sprinkles on white bread, the Dutch way!

Last Thursday, me and Richa each received two boxes of De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles (in milk and dark chocolate flavors).

These were given by a Dutch business user from our office HQ. We have here the same chocolate sprinkles but we only use it as toppings for the cakes and cupcakes. So I was surprised to see from the packaging that these choc sprinkles are spread on top of a bread. Hmmm, I searched for this product and I just found out that it’s a popular Dutch breakfast! They call it the Hagelslag sandwich πŸ™‚

And this is ME holding the two boxes. It was 5pm and haven’t touched up since lunch so just please ignore the shiny forehead LOL

One saturday morning, I decided to try it. The morning sun was really really nice and thought of taking the step-by-step photo of using De Ruijter. Then I grabbed my camera. Well, this what happens when I don’t bake LOL. Enjoy the photos πŸ™‚

Step 1. The main stars: this doesn’t require any baking, you just need the following:

A bread. You don’t need to finish a loaf of bread. This just for photo-taking purposes lol

Of course, the De Ruijter.

And the butter. I only have unsalted butter in the fridge.

Step 2. Prepare a slice of bread.

Step 3. In an untoasted bread, generously spread the butter. (The sprinkles need something to stick on). I regret not spreading more butter.

Step 4. Followed by the chocolate sprinkles. You can pour the sprinkles as many as you like.

Step 5. Then top it with another bread.

You can cut off the crusts from the sides of the bread, if you prefer to. Optionally, you can try to toast the bread so the sprinkles will melt.

Cut the bread in half.

Eat the first half.

Then eat the other half.

And don’t forget to eat the remaining bits πŸ™‚

The End.

Thanks MARTIN!


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