Previous cakes

When I temporarily stopped baking, I was also not in the mood to update my blog 😦

Some of my friends who (secretly) regularly check my blog were asking me what happened to the cakes I baked for baby Nickie hehehe I promised my friend (Nickie’s mother) that I will bake her daughter’s cake for 12 months (till her 1st year birthday). Sadly, on her 10th month, I just bought the cake from a shop. Surprisingly, we didn’t like the taste hahaha

So here they are:
For baby Nickie’s 9th and 11th months, I just made her a No-bake Oreo cheesecake. Her mom’s favorite 🙂

Cheesecake for baby Nickie’s 9th month
Cheesecake for baby Nickie’s 11th month

You can check out her previous cakes in the following links 🙂
8th month
7th month
6th month
5th month
4th month
3rd month
2nd month
1st month

On her first year birthday, 16th April 2011, I made her a 2-tier-cake with baby Minnie (figurine weirdly done lol) based on her invitation 🙂

Baby Nickie’s 1st year birthday invitation
Baby Nickie’s first year birthday

On 2nd-May-2011, A friend and her family from Philippines came to Singapore for a vacation. I promised Ginna that I’ll bake a cake for her so they can also bring back to Philippines. Here’s the Teddy Bear fondant cake 🙂

Cake for Ginna
Cake for Ginna

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