After a long break from baking cakes/cupcakes, I have challenged myself to do a topsy turvy 3-tier-cake for a friend/flatmate’s birthday.

Last Saturday, Nov 5th, Josh celebrated his 36th birthday. He requested for a tall cake! We only had 2 weeks of preparation and I was having doubts of doing the tall cake. Since it’s my comeback cake (LOL), I still proceeded with it. The birthday theme was Smurf! The color theme was blue and white. I opted for a green colored cake. My other friends, Marix and Dave, helped with making the colored fondant flowers, leaves, fence and mushrooms.

Front Topsy Turvy

Side (1) Topsy Turvy

Side (2) Topsy Turvy

I was ambitious to do the fondant Smurf figures with such a short time. In the end, I only managed to make Smurfette, Papa Smurf and Jokey Smurf.


Papa Smurf

Jokey Smurf

The Vanity Smurf figure on top of the mushroom was a real one 🙂 The mushroom was a styrofoam covered by fondant. The initial plan was to make it in Krispy Treats but I haven’t tried it yet and I don’t want to use up the little time I have for trying it hehehe.

Real Smurf figure

By the way, the very nice decorations were made by my talented crafty friend, Marix. She even added those cute Smurf face toppers for the cupcakes. You can check-out her blog to read more about it 🙂

Smurf cupcakes

Cupcakes + Topsy Turvy + Bday Favors

As usual, I didn’t manage my time well 😦 I was sleep-deprived! And after the kneading and rolling of fondant, my right arm was really hurting and a bit swollen LOL. It’s like doing the cake decoration for the first time again.
Anyway, thats nothing compared to the appreciation I received from friends, guests and the birthday celebrant! 🙂


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