Barbie doll cake, mini doll cakes, cupcakes and a toothache

What a way to welcome 2012!! Finally, I had a chance to use my Wilton wonder mold when Elma & Morris requested a Barbie doll cake for their cute daughter’s, Alejandra, 4th birthday 🙂
Aside from the doll cake, they requested 9 mini dolls to spell out Alejandra’s name. Oh, and 30 cupcakes with 2d design 🙂 They also provided all the dolls to use for the cake and mini cakes.

Barbie doll cake

The 9 mini dolls
Cupcakes with silhouette design
Cupcakes with 2d three-rose design

I was really excited to start the cakes/cupcakes until last Friday when a severe toothache started! The throbbing pain was terribly unbearable! No amount of pain relievers can help, or maybe the pain goes away for an hour or two but it went back with vengeance LOL I thought if that if I’m going to see a dentist for the tooth extraction, I may not be able to start the cakes. I have already committed to these orders and its only 2 days away from the birthday (01-Jan-2012). I had to endure the pain, had 2 sleepless nights and a slow motion cake/cupcake preparation and decoration. My original plan was to cover Barbie’s whole skirt with flowers and the cupcakes with freehand silhouette design. But I don’t have the strength and extra time to do it because as I’ve mentioned, I move soooo slowwwww. But I just realized the high tolerance level % I have for pain LOL. Well, the hardest part was not being able to eat all the delicious food prepared by my flatmates/friends on New Year’s eve 😦 Why oh why???!!!!

Anyways, back to the cakes LOL The delivery won’t be possible if not for the help of my flatmates. Thanks guys! 🙂 And the agony of toothache became bearable when I saw Alejandra’s face. Thanks Elma and Morris for the orders.

Now, I just remembered to search for the contact details of the dentist. Though it’s a holiday, I’ll just take my chances.


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  1. Richa Gulati says:

    lovely…. i m missing out on things big tym……..i just can stop drolling…..n everytime i open this blog…. i always smile…….

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thanks Richa! I miss telling you how stressful it was while working on it LOL Regards to your family 🙂

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