Hot air balloon themed baby shower

My friends and I have organized a (Pot Luck) baby shower for Leslie. Guess what I brought? Of course the cake! 🙂 The theme was a challenge for me. Marix made the invitation with a hot air balloon theme and pink and purple were the color theme. I’ve searched the net for a tutorial on hot air balloon cake topper but couldn’t find any 😦 I made the topper a week in advance. Just in case something happens, I still have time to repair it.

Here’s the decorated corner for the baby shower of Leslie with the teddy bear stuffed toy, mini teddy bear souvenirs and balloons which were prepared by Mariex. One of the photos in the collage shows Marix patiently taking some photos 🙂

The cake was 2 x 6-inch diameter, hence the height is 5″ tall. Maybe I can come up with a tutorial of the hot air balloon cake topper if I get one of those idle days hehehe

I know this is not cake related, but my friends would love to see this photo in my blog LOL
(Taken during the baby shower)

(From L-R: Josh, Marix, Me and Belay)


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