Booties and Pram cupcakes for Christening + Diaper cake

24 cupcakes were served as additional souvenirs/giveaways for Ricky and Lotti’s daughter, Shenna Gaia, baptism yesterday (18th March). The cupcakes were topped with 12 booties and 12 prams (baby trolleys). The color theme was pink.

For the non-edible ‘diaper cake’ (which I don’t think anyone will eat LOL), Belay, and I shared this gift for Ricky’s daughter. We’ve worked before with Ricky many years ago 🙂

It’s my first time to make the diaper cake and I had fun! But I didn’t finish it by myself. Marix helped me complete it. Well, she did most of the diaper rolling and stacking 🙂 The materials I used were: Huggies ‘L’ size (60 diapers), a 14-inch cake board, rubber bands, the cute pink teddy bear, pink thin cardboard to hold each tiers, ribbons and cellophane.

Happy Baptismal day Shenna 🙂 Thanks Ricky and Lottie for the cupcake request.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your teddy bear diaper cake!

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thank you Abbys 🙂

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