Pink and White Christening Cake and Cookies

How time flies!

Just two months ago (March 11), we have prepared a baby shower for our friend Leslie. And yesterday, baby Lara Denise was finally baptized. 🙂

I prepared this pink and white 2-tier cake (top layer was 7-inch round + 8-inch square as the 2nd tier).

For the cake topper, the original plan was to make a baby pram 🙂 Since I still have to decorate the cookies and I know I won’t have enough time (as usual!), I decided to use my First Impression silicon mold of Sleeping Baby. I was inspired by Anne Geddes’ amazingly beautiful baby pictures! I wanted to make a blooming flower but it didn’t turn out that way LOL The petals need more time to dry.

The christening favors were pink and white onesie cookies.

I decorated the cookies and the cake from Friday night to Saturday morning (only 2 hours of sleep). And we have to be at the reception at 8:30 AM to setup the dessert table before we can proceed to the 9:30 AM baptism in church. See, thats why I said ‘not enough time’ LOL *sighs* Anyways, I love the finished, clean and dainty looking cake! 🙂

I didn’t get a chance to photograph the cake in the usual setup, why? You guessed it right, ‘not enough time’ LOL Here are some of the photos of the decorated dessert table taken from the reception.

The decorations were made by my talented friend Marix (Naks!) She also made some cake pops! 🙂 You can visit her blog to read more of the details about the decorations.

I super duper love the layouts made by Marix!

I’m lucky to be chosen as one of baby Lara’s godmothers 🙂 To the proud mommy and daddy of baby Lara, congratulations Leslie and Dexter on your daughter’s christening day. May you be filled with more blessings!

All pink! Including me LOL
At the church: (L-R) Dexter the dad, Rosiel, Leslie the mom holding baby Lara, Belay, Me, Cecil with her pretty daughter Gracie 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Once again, your creation blows me away. ^^
    Lovely bakes! Very very well done! =)

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thank you mydearbakes for the nice comment 🙂 I love your creations too!

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