Pink cake and cupcakes: Flowers, butterflies, bears and bunny

A friend wasn’t able to bake for this month so she forwarded to me Maureen’s cake request for her niece’s first birthday. Maureen provided me a photo of a 2-tier square cake as a sample design of what she wanted for the cake. After few exchanges of emails to finalize the design, she decided that it will be a pink cake with flowers and butterflies.

Since her niece, Nytta Alycia, was born on the year of the rabbit, she requested that a bunny will also be included. Instead of a bunny standing and holding a carrot, I molded it such that it’s laying, head resting on a wood log and eating a carrot 🙂 So the original plan of including only a ‘small’ bunny in the cake, it turned out as bigger and as a topper LOL But I was satisfied with the result 🙂

Also, as you may have noticed, Alycia’s name is nowhere to be found in the cake 🙂 Her name was spelled out through ten cupcakes.

Six of the cupcakes were the teddy bears each holding a letter.

The other 4 cupcakes were just letters.

I hope the celebrant liked the cake and the cupcakes. Happy 1st birthday Nytta Alycia!

Thanks Maureen for this request 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ronald says:

    Hi How can I reach you? I’m interested to order for a birthday cake.

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Hi Ronald, I sent you an email 🙂 Thanks.

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