Chocolate Cake with Kit Kat & M&Ms (4)

Here’s the 4th take for the Kit Kat barrel cake with M&Ms but this time using the white Kit Kat chocolates.

My previous housemates, Chen and Tanjo, requested this cake for their son’s baptism and 1st birthday. It’s an 8″ chocolate square cake with ganache filling and finishing decorated with Kit Kat’s and M&Ms. I was happy to make this cake for their son, Jon Natanyel. It was so nice to see them again especially with the new addition (little Jon) in their lives 🙂 Oh, and also had a chance to chit-chatted with Tanjo’s mom 🙂 It’s been almost a year now since I saw them (they’re also my taste testers when I started baking).

I made the blue ruffled cake stand using the Louise’ tutorial from Cake Journal.

Thanks Chen and Tanjo for the order 🙂 May the angels guide and protect Jon Natanyel in his growing years 🙂


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