Purple birthday cake

The week 28 (July 02-07) has been crazy. It was a die-die week LOL There were 2 requests (Dinosaur cake and Hi-5 cookies) and this purple cake for my housemate/friend, Marix.

I could’ve managed it except that I had to prepare and finish the purple cake secretly! I had to tell white lies every time Marix asks me to whom the cake was for LOL Based on the schedule I made below, the craziness was obvious including my bad handwriting LOL

The only solution that I can think of was to take a leave from work on Thursday so I can finish it before midnight. Yes, I was able to finish her cake by 7pm (including taking photos of her cake) just before she arrived from work. Marix’ birthday was 6th of July (friday) and at home we have this surprise greetings at the strike of the midnight of one’s birthday.

The good thing of making cakes for a friend’s birthday, is being able to practice a new technique in cake decoration πŸ™‚ I had the chance to do the fondant painting for Belle’s cake. And for Marix, the brush embroidery.

The purple cake was not in Yam flavor LOL Purple is one of her favorite colors (aside from orange, yellow, green etc LOL). Because of the crowded decoration (brush embroidery), I simplified it with a monogram ‘M’.

Obviously, I need some practice with piping scrolls! Jeez, I couldn’t get my hand steady.

Happy birthday sister! More birthdays to come πŸ™‚

If anyone from the office is reading my blog, I really had gastric attack because of stress LOL Even if I went to work last Thursday, I’ll be fidgeting the whole day at work and yes, I’ll have the worse attack of gastric. So there.. Jeez, I’m too honest! LOL Funny πŸ˜›


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  1. mydearbakes says:

    Wow, what a feat! 3 amazing bakes in a week?!
    I must say you are very good at time management! =)

    1. sweetlyf says:

      LOL Thanks mydearbakes! It’s crazy! I dont think I’ve managed it well since I have to take a leave from my full time work to finish the secret cake *sighs* Anyways, I still can’t believe I’ve finished them all hehehe

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