Hi-5 cookies

A friend requested these Hi-5 cookies as party favors for her daughter’s 5th birthday. This was the 3rd reason of my crazy week 28. The 2 other reasons were the dinosaur cake and the purple cake.

Myrna wanted a hand-shaped cookie for Shaina. I don’t have that cookie cutter LOL So I just searched for the Hi-5 Logo, traced it on a paper, then to an acetate. I cleaned/washed the acetate and used it in the cookie dough to cut the shape.

The cookies were in blue, yellow and purple fondant finishing with some diamond texture. The size was almost 3-inches. It was also outlined with yellow royal icing.

I know the outlines were crooked LOL I’m working on it! Though it’s not too obvious with the yellow ones hehehe

Thanks Myrna for this request 🙂 I hope Shaina and her guests enjoyed the cookies.

Because of those 3 requests (purple and dinosaur cakes, and cookies) and I had to attend the 2:30pm class by Shinni for bread making (that would be in a separate post), I was already cranky and moody when I met my friends during dinner. I only had 2 hours of sleep 😦 My friends were blaming me of taking too many orders. What to do? I can’t say NO to friends *sighs* Well, some weeks I don’t have anything and some weeks I have lots! When it rains it pours LOL Oh well… I’ll get more rest the coming weeks 🙂

Sorry for my whining (I have a lot more!), I think it just ruined this lovely cookie post LOL


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