Showers of Love

Jess has requested a cake for her sister’s July 27th baby shower. I was excited at the thought of molding a pregnant mommy cake topper (sitting) because I haven’t done it before. I’ve always admire the cake toppers of pink cake box. But I didn’t expect that Jess has a more challenging request for someone like me who has never done a standing figure before LOL

The baby shower invitation that Jess made 🙂 *address and phone numbers were erased*

The cake design was based on the invitation that Jess made. It was a 6-inch pink cake with polka dots (in darker shade).

The cake have some small cracks here and there because I tried to make the fondant very thin but it started to rip when I was covering the cake! Though I still managed to cover some cracks with polka dots and flowers *LOL*.

The cake topper was based on the upper right photo of the invitation (her sis and brother-in-law standing). I told her that I can make the couple sitting instead (like the lower right photo) but with similar clothes as in the upper right photo (blue and brown). Anyways, I took the challenge of the standing figurines. Oh, I just added the pink bag and teddy bear 🙂

Let me tell you about the figurines *LOL* This is the first time I prepared figurines in advance (I’m always beating the deadline hehehe). I used fondant with Tylose, prepared it on monday night so I can use it by Tuesday night (I only work during night time because of my full time job *wink*). While working with the figurines, I took the challenge of the standing figurines. I thought of making it like Precious Moments figurines 🙂 You know, big round faces with cute shorter body parts. Oh-so-cute figurines!

Freshly assembled figurines, ready for drying.

See how straight the figurines were standing? While it was drying, their postures changed! Both looks like their backs were leaning to the other side LOL (like the leaning tower!)

At first, I was doing okay but during the drying time, the weight of the body+head pulled down the legs LOL I had to redo like 3x the legs and hands. Arrgghh. Oh and the eyes? Arrggh. During day time at work, I’m always excited to go home and check with the figurines hehehe Seeing the figurines go down (from Wednesday) was traumatic *LOL* I really have to practice more. Although the results were still, well, okay, I think for a first-timer! *LOL*

Jess also requested for a cake stand so the cake don’t look flat at the table. I used a 10″ square cake dummy (the cake board was also 10″) and wrapped it in pink paper. I used some of my extra scrapbook papers for the vintage-look label with a bible verse that Jess suggested 🙂

I met Jess yesterday during lunch time for the cake and was very happy to see that she liked it! She still is the same bubbly and happy person I met before. We SMS/text each other once in a while. When you talk to her you can feel so much positivity in her and the love for her family, her sister, her friends, her community and just everyone around her 🙂

Thanks Jess for this request. I hope your sister and your guests enjoyed the cake 🙂 I know the baby shower party was successful! God bless you and your family.

I’m lovin’ the full size attribute of the photos posted here. I wish I did the same to my other posts hhehe


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  1. Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can check it out here:

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Oh myyy.. I hope I didnt break the chain for this 😦 I’ll soon write a post for this, just dont have enough time right now wahhhh

      Thank you so much for the nomination!

      1. No problem! Haha, that’s okay, I’ve got a bunch of award posts waiting for me to write them as well. ):

  2. mydearbakes says:

    Loved your human figurines! It’s soooo cute =D

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Aww thanks mydearbakes.. I love your figurines, they’re amazing! 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    jinky!!!! *teary eyed* thank you so much. while reading your blog, I realized how much effort you gave.. labor of love talaga.. You are such a talented-and-patient-and-artistic-and-kind person I am soooo blessed to meet. We all love your cake and it was so delicious.. hmm.. the design was perfect and the cake was superb. natakam tuloy ako ngayon. namiss ko ung chocolate cake! Thanks for the complement pa din. Dito lang ako for, marketing manager and no.1 fan mo :p

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Thank you so much for that wonderful feedback Jess 🙂 God bless.

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