Soccer Ball Cake for Nicholas

When my boss saw the baby shower cake I made for Jess, *ahem* he was impressed. The next time, he saw me doing a sketch for a wedding cake while I was having my lunch break. I thought he was just joking when he said that he also wants me to make him a cake. Who can say ‘No’ to that? Especially if it’s his son’s, Nicholas, birthday šŸ™‚

I gladly accepted his request, of course! Since this is my first time to do a ball cake šŸ™‚ I was excited about it. I even planned of making a soccer player figurine wearing a uniform much like Nicholas’ favorite Indonesian soccer team, AREMA. Well, it didn’t go as planned because of lack of time.

I used the 3D Wilton Sports Ball cake pan for this request with a cake batter for a 7-inch. Hence, the shape is not too round. There’s not enough batter to shape it, I guess. I should have prepared an 8-inch batter (next time).

I was a bit worried about the shape but it gradually came into while I was decorating it. As a first layer, the cake was covered with a thin white fondant. Then the black (pentagon) & white (hexagon) soccer patterns were attached one by one. Lastly, a stitch pattern was applied.

Thanks Paul for this request. Happy birthday Nicholas! I hope your birthday was happy and you enjoyed the cake šŸ™‚


Week 36 (27-Aug to 02-Sep) was another die-die week for me. Same scenario just like week 28, when I had 3 requests in one week! I can’t remember how I was able to manage my time, but I did finish all 3 cakes. But I hope no more die-die week again LOL


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