Two Birthday Mommies

Mike requested a cake to celebrate his mom’s birthday and Lloyd’s mom’s. One cake for two celebrants. As Mike and Lloyd are friends, likewise their moms 🙂

For the cake topper, both moms have different personalities which I tried to apply in the figurines I made. Mike’s ‘Mame’, is a very simple woman while Lloyd’s mom loves to wear hats and accessories. The miniature wooden chair was assembled using a wooden peg (cut into a good height as the chair legs), a small wooden slab bought from Daison (2-dollar shop here in Singapore) and ‘ice candy’ flat sticks. The wooden chair was then attached to a wooden plaque (bought from an art shop) which I’ve covered with green fondant. Sometimes when I go to Daiso or to some art shops, I buy stuff and just keep it in case I’ll need it. Most of the times I wonder why I even bought them LOL. Anyway, I’m happy that it has its purpose now 😛

Okay back to the cake topic 😛 The cake was decorated with cherry blossoms. I tried not to over crowd it as I want to maintain the focal point of the cake which is the 2 figurines 🙂

Wait, I keep on saying cake ‘topper’. It’s supposed to be on top of the cake, right? LOL I didn’t put it there because its way taller than the 3.5 inch height of cake. I think the full height of the figurines were like 5 inches tall.

I met Mike last Thursday night to give the cake. They’re going to Bintan for a vacation and they’re bringing the cake so they can celebrate there too.

Thanks Mike for this request. I hope you enjoyed the cake in Bintan 🙂 Happy birthday to the 2 lovely mommies 🙂


Just tonight, Mike sent me the lovely picture below, the cake topper with Mike’s and Lloyd’s moms in the background. I love it! Thanks Mike 🙂


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