Special Agent Oso Cake and Cupcakes

I only know one secret/special agent and he’s James Bond, code name 007 LOL Until Rica requested this cake for her son’s 2nd birthday. It’s a Disney character which was already aired 2009 (Wikipedia). Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s not familiar with this character.

Any new design, excites me. So I happily accepted Rica’s request. She gave me the design concept from these websites: Special Agent Oso Cake and the Speial Agent Oso Cupcakes. I was thinking I still have time to execute the design. Boy, was I wrong! LOL

I was so stressed at work (my stress level was really high! I can feel my ulcer and stomach acid shoots up) and there was only one week left to finish the cake/cupcakes. I started the decorations for both only last Friday evening up to morning (nope, no sleep at all! not even a few minutes of nap). I knew this would happen. So before I started doing it, I said a very short prayer. (This task came along because He believes I can accomplish it, Yes! Amen:) )

Indeed I made it! But without special agent Oso’s buddies: SA Dotty and SA Wolfie.

Poor Oso’s friends, they’re still naked in that photo. I can finish them but it will take another 4 hours to make! I had to deliver the cake and cupcakes before 11am, Saturday. So, I just took their photo as souvenir then threw the unfinished figurines away! LOL tsk-tsk… Anyways, the 3 figurines will not fit on top of a 6-inch cake. I was planning to position the other 2 SA’s on the cake board. That’s why you can see a lot of space there. *sighs*

SA Oso’s head and body were made of rice krispie treats (and so as his buddies). I made it on Thursday night. Same time I made the shooting stars. I still don’t know how to make the rice krispies figurines smooth. Good thing SA Oso wears a black jacket hehehe

I have included Paw Pilot in front of the cake. I thought the hair was purple! My color blindness striked again! LOL Sorry Paw Pilot 😛

There were 30 cupcakes, 6 for each 5 designs: Xavier’s name, Oso’s name, Oso’s face, the footprint (Yes! it has 5 toes based on the cartoon LOL), and shutterbug.

I have apologized to Rica for not being able to execute the design with Oso’s 2 buddies. She was very kind to accept what I’ve already made *deep sigh of relief*. Thank you so much Rica! I’ll definitely give you a discount next time! LOL

Happy 2nd birthday XAVIER! I hope you and your guests enjoyed the cake and cupcakes 🙂

And here’s a photo from that party: The lovely Rica, her husband and her son, the birthday boy, Xavier. The photo was grabbed from her FB account, with permission of course! hehehe

Oh, here’s another photo which I’ve grabbed from our common FB friend, Donna. That is, grabbed without permission. LOL Peace, Donna! 🙂
Hmm.. I wonder why the cupcakes were less 30 🙂

I saw their great photos, surely they enjoyed Xavier’s celebration.

Again, Thanks Rica for this request 🙂


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