Timmy Time cake and cupcakes


… Or was it Shaun The Sheep cake? 🙂 Arnold asked me to make a Timmy Time cake and cupcakes for his son, Caleb. Last Saturday was Caleb’s 1st birthday.



How can there be so many children’s tv show nowadays? And for which I never heard of before LOL. Like the previous Special Agent Oso cake I made. Geez, in my younger days, I was happy to watch Sesame Street on tv! Oh, and Looney Tunes… and Justice League.



I was watching Timmy Time from YouTube while making the sheep and decorating the cake. I’ve watched it over-and-over again LOL. The show is cute and colorful. But the characters only make sounds (no dialogue). I can still hear ‘Baaaa’ (sound of Timmy the lamb) in my head LOL Mittens (the kitten) sound ‘meee-ew’ is cute, though 🙂



About the cake, it’s a 6-inch and with the Timmy the lamb topper made of fondant/gumpaste. I used Styrofoam for the body and the legs were from wooden chopsticks hehehe. I made it Friday night (as usual my-last-minute-move).



I love the characters from the show. Unfortunately, I can’t do them all for the cupcakes. So for the 12 cupcakes, the toppers were Timmy (the lamb), Mittens (the kitten) and Yabba (the duck). Well, because I love their colors hehehe Good thing Arnold didn’t really specify which characters he wanted for the cupcakes 🙂



Thanks Arnold for this request 🙂 Sorry, I didn’t wait for you or stayed at the party. I had to rush back home to prepare another batch of cupcakes for a gathering and I also have to start with another cake request. Happy birthday Caleb! 🙂










Noticed the warning sign?
Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😛
Ok, here goes my whinning. I thought the cake topper was doing okay until I started moving the cake while taking photos of it. It leaned backward, forward, sideways. LOL So before the cake was placed in the box, I used 2 toothpicks to hold the topper. Ahh.. it looked good! It stood straight. Nice. Or Not. It was a nightmare while transporting the cake. Oh, the bumpy ride ‘arrggh’ . I was sweating (I even asked the cab driver if his car’s a/c is on LOL) and I almost cried. I had to remind myself why I love cake baking and decorating LOL When I reached the place, I talked to the cab driver and told him how bad was his driving skills were! And how he almost gave me a heart attack LOL So he gave me his sincere apology and a $1 discount HAHAHAHA Geez. Transporting the cake is really stressful. So if anyone is reading this, I hope they understand what the delivery charges are for. Carried the cake on my left and the cupcakes on my right from 5th floor up to the time I look for a cab. No need to sign-up for the gym, I think. Or if only I can also charge the cause of the stress, gastric ulcer and, heart problem that I get from this. LOL. Oh dearie.


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