My website is up again!


My last post was for the opening of New Year 2013. So it’s been more than 2 years since I’ve posted something here. I stopped baking and then totally forgot my password and the email linked to this blog. Hence, I apologized to those who have sent me messages and left their comments here.


I’m a somewhat free now and have more time in my hands 🙂 So I’ve managed to squeeze my small brain to remember important stuff to help me recover this website. I have also changed the wordpress theme as the previous one was already obsolete because I couldn’t find it anymore. So I opted for the ‘Spun’ theme. Let me know if you’re having a difficult time to navigate through here.


I’m more active now on Instagram and on my FB page. Occasionally I bake but mostly for friends or friends of friends.


What I would probably do is update the gallery of the cakes/cupcakes/cookies which I have recently created. 🙂  I’m happy to be back and hopefully will not be too lazy to post more. Again, sorry for the unanswered emails, comments and inquiries.

Happy Baking!

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