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Updated: Oct. 30, 2017

First and foremost, I’m currently residing in Singapore 🙂 I have received a lot of inquiries but most of them are outside Sg. I’m partly to blame because I don’t think I’ve mentioned that in any of my posts (?) or maybe I did! Oh, well.

I have already left Singapore last year and I’m back in the Philippines 🙂 I still have a lot of updating to do in my blog. *phew*

Let’s proceed.

There are a few terms which I use in this blog to describe the goodies I bake 🙂 I think it’s important that you have some idea about this. So please bear with my babbling below LOL


Underneath the fondant, is a baked chocolate fudge/mud cake. It has dark chocolate (70%) with a bit of coffee. The texture is supposed to be dense because it can hold the weight of fondant to cover it. Previously I just cut the cake into half then fill with ganache. Truth is, I’m a bit scared with knives LOL I’m more comfortable now to cut the cake into three LOL So it will make the cake taller  Just imagine the cake in 3 layers filled with ganache, yumm!!

Why not other cake flavors? Believe me, I tried vanilla once but my friends don’t like it *sighs* Nothing can go wrong with chocolate, I think. In a 10, 8 will probably love chocolate LOL However, I’m still trying other flavors in my free time 🙂


I use this as a frosting and filling in my cakes. It’s made of dark couverture chocolate with heavy cream. This is just divine for me :). This is the only frosting I use for my fondant cakes. I use white chocolate ganache only once, because t he result was sugar overdose LOL Imagine how sweet the fondant is plus white chocolate..arrggh! LOL


I don ‘t like buttercream frosting because it’s too sweet 😦 If I reduce the sugar, the frosting won’t be able to hold it shape for a longer time. I read that if I use 1 part butter and 1 part vegetable shortening, it will be better. But the thought of shortening already leaves a greasy taste LOL
I found DyannBakes SMBC and immediately fell in love with it 🙂 It’s not too sweet and it’s light and fluffy and has this smooth piping results. It’s made of egg whites, sugar and butter. Nope, you won’t eat raw egg whites here. It’s heat up to reach a certain temperature to sort of pasteurize it. This is the frosting I use for my non-fondant cakes.

Cupcake/Cake Finishing: FONDANT

Most of the cakes I make are decorated and covered with the fondant. It gives the professional look and smooth finish in the cake. Some call it sugar paste. Sometimes I receive comments that the cake is yummy but the fondant is too sweet. It’s because the primary ingredient of fondant is SUGAR. Some people don’t like fondant and some do! Each individual is different and has its preference. I usually suggest that when they cut and eat the cake, they can just peel off the fondant 🙂

Here’s a link for more info on fondant.

Normally, I use store bought fondant (ready-to-roll or RTR). So far, I only use Pettinice fondant by Bakels. I tried making homemade fondant but it’s tedious and time-consuming for me since I have a full-time work.

For any inquiries, you can send me a message through the comment box below or email me (sweetlyf-dot-enquiry-at-yahoo-dot-com) and I’ll reply to you the soonest. Thanks.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. jayashree says:

    Hi, How do I contact you? is there any email address? I would like to check with you regards to naughty cupcakes for a hens party. Thank you;)

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Hi Jayashree.. Thanks for your inquiry 🙂 I already sent you an email, I hope you received it. Regards.

  2. Kay says:

    Please contact me in reference to a cake in the shape of a basketball for my 10 year old grandson. Date is 4/25 eve.

    1. sweetlyf says:

      Hi Kay, Sorry for my late reply. I’m in Singapore and I only do on weekends or if time will allow me (super uber busy with work 😦

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