Nutella cupcakes

I have always wanted to bake these famous cupcakes! I kept it in my KIV list.. Last Friday I had the time to bake it… and boyyyy it was really good! Why did I ever have the chance to bake these pretty babies 🙂 Here are the unfrosted nutella cupcakes. In fact, there’s no need…

Cupcakes for LOJ Sg

Jess ordered a total of 65 chocolate cupcakes for the 2nd part of the Light Of Jesus Retreat Day. 40 of which was for the text and the rest was placed in a small tower. The 40 cupcakes were spelled for “HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY LIGHT OF JESUS SINGAPORE!”. To hold the other 25 cupcakes, I…

For baby Nickie (2)

To celebrate the 2nd month of baby Nickie, I baked these chocolate cupcakes topped with store-bought-candy-bears. I didn’t have time to prepare the cutout fondant letters so I just made these cupcake toppers. Crafty, neat huh. 🙂 Here’s the cake from her first month’s celebration 🙂

Chocolate cupcakes

These are chocolate cupcakes frosted with chocolate buttercream and with few mini M&M’s to complete the topping 🙂 not just one… two… but more … 🙂 Baked goodies for a visiting friend, Magda 🙂

Customized cupcakes

Aside from the chocolate fondant cake, Chen requested 24 chocolate cupcakes with the following message: OH SHUCKS! IT’S CHEN’S BDAY. Hehehe 😛 These are chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache and fondant. Here’s a photo taken from location. Thanks Chen 🙂

Fondant cupcakes

Customized fondant chocolate cupcakes for a birthday. Shiela requested for a floral theme for her birthday cupcakes while her friend, Ervie, requested a basketball/surfing theme 🙂 Due to time constraint, I wasn’t able to polish the surfboard hehehe

More cupcakes

Just this weekend, I made this assorted cupcakes: vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream. Let’s have a look on the icings used for the cupcakes.  This is like Icing 101 🙂 Chocolate Ganache is a mixture of rich, dark chocolate with heavy cream. It’s smooth and thick and can be used as filling…

Cupcakes with rolled fondant

Cupcakes can also be decorated with fondant icing. Rolled fondant’s main ingredient is the powdered/icing/confectioner’s sugar. It’s kneaded until it reaches its dough-like consistency which would be perfect for hand-shaping flowers, 3-dimensional figures and more. Here are some of the cupcakes covered/iced with fondant:

Cupcakes for special occasion

Nowadays, cupcakes are not only served with simple frosting but it can also be customized according to a special occasion. Mostly for gift giving or just as an added attraction in the table setting. Chocolate cupcakes for birthdays: Egg-free chocolate cupcakes for an opening of a new office unit Egg-free chocolate cupcakes for Diwali

Cupcakes with colored frosting

Chocolate flavored cupcakes are a favorite of all. It seems its the only flavor everyone knows lol. Let me tell you friends, there is such a thing called ‘Vanilla’ flavor. Yes, it does exists hehehe Admittedly, chocolates are addictive. Here are some of the chocolate cupcakes baked last year, 2009, simply frosted with colored buttercream…