Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake

This is a 6″ + 9″ cake requested by Mavic for her son’s (Marcus) first birthday today. She gave me a photo as reference for the design that she liked 🙂 She also provided the 6 toys to be used for this cake. I really had a hard time doing the fondant shooting stars. At…

Mocha cake and Mickey Mouse cupcakes

Same as his last year’s birthday, Dave requested to have a mocha cake and Mickey Mouse cupcakes for this year again 🙂 It’s his favorite!

Mocha cake and Mickey Mouse cupcakes

Today is actually Dave’s birthday! It was celebrated in advance yesterday with our friends 🙂 His partner, Josh, requested a cake and cupcakes. Mocha cake is his favorite 🙂 Last Saturday, Dave hinted me that he likes Mickey Mouse. Since it’s his 29th birthday, there were also 29 cupcakes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE! Thanks Josh for…

Mickey Mouse cupcakes

Leah requested 20 chocolate cupcakes to celebrate his son’s, Gabriel, birthday yesterday. The birthday theme was Mickey Mouse with colors red and white. Thanks Leah for the order 🙂