My Macaronic Journey

— Notice the special treatment I’m giving to macarons? A page solely for them! This is to document how I have conquered my fear in baking macarons — from ‘macawrong‘ to ‘macaokay‘ to ‘macaright‘ (not the perfect macaron but just the ‘almost-okay-macarons-with-room-for-improvements’ lol thats a long description!). Thank you for visiting this page.

Further note: The terms ‘macawrong/right’ were adapted from Syrup and Tang. I just added ‘macaokay’ just to give myself some more improvement before I can say it’s ‘macaright’ LOL.

My Macaronic Experience… No, not the macaroni pasta… but the french macarons 🙂

Previously, the only macarons I’m aware of are the coconut macaroons. In Philippines, we have this famous dessert, something like a mini-cupcake, which were made of dessicated coconut, flour, condensed milk and butter.. yummy!

Photo Source:

I’ve only became aware of the French macarons here in Singapore like 2 years ago. I find them very cute with all those different colors. I didnt know that they can also come with varying flavors. And they’re expensive! I thought they’re easy to make. Oh boyyy was I wrong!

Last year I started searching a macaron recipe from the internet. Then the search leads to some blogs about their experience in baking them. Later on, fear has enveloped me lol I didn’t even dare try to bake it.. not even once! Geez, I didn’t even buy any book about it! (I love collecting cookbooks, may I just mention that hehehe)

This is one of the photos which best illustrates the perfect macaron.

Photo Source: Syrup and

Lo and behold! Few weeks back, from one website to another and to another, I found Bakin Calf . Shinni, the blog owner, offer some workshops which includes the ‘Royal Macarons’. Was it fate that I happen to discover her blog? Was it a sign that it’s really about time for me to try the macarons? Or was it just… nothing hahahaha Anyways, I treat that moment as fate hehehe I signed up in her Royal workshop. I was so honest with her that my email was able to describe about my fear on macarons. She advised me not to worry as I will learn it in her workshop and even if I do fail trying at home, it will be the mother of success. She have failed many times in order to learn.

Without further ado, my experience will start from the workshop up to the present. Please bear with my long blabbering and I take this opportunity to thank you in advance. 🙂

08-August-2010: The Royal Macaron Workshop

I attended Bakin Calf workshop on Royal Macaron hoping to face my fear on that cute stuff 🙂 The workshop was hands-on and Shinni guided us through out the baking process. She made it so easy. Gradually, I was not scared at all with the macarons and becoming so excited to try it my own!

See how happy we were 🙂 You can find more photos in Bakin Cow’s facebook account.

Later that day, I had dinner with friends which I brought the hoarded macarons. They loved it!

Thank you Shinni for the workshop!

Okaaaayyy… together now with the Pointer Sisters —-I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! LOL Can’t wait to try baking the macarons 🙂

11-August-2010: First Attempt

I was so excited to bake the macarons. But it was a disaster hehehe I failed !arrggh! The macaron was a macawrong 😛 Look at the following photos.

See how runny these macarons were? By looking at it, I can already tell that it will be a flop LOL Though it was shiny, I dont think it will create a nice dome shell.

I was watching it when it’s finally inside the oven. I didn’t leave one second! I was like a mad scientist waiting for a result of an experiment whether it will explode or not hehehe I was chanting: Please have feet.. have faith! Please have feet.. have faith! After 4 minutes, feet are showing and the shells are gradualy lifting, Hooray! But it stopped there 😦 Yes. Just like when I was growing up, literally, adding height at 12 years old and then suddenly it stopped at 5’2″ LOL Sorry for that crappy analogy hehehe Honestly, at one time my mind was saying ‘Help Shinni!’ hehehe **Please refer above workshop story to know Shinni. Thank you**

Straight from the oven:

Failed macarons without the filling:

Failed macarons with Ganache filling:

Conclusion: Macawrong. Overmixing of batter or just mere overconfidence LOL
Excuse me while I sulk and cry about my failed attempt…. Ok there.. done.. I’m moving on 🙂
The thing about this macarons… Once you started and failed, it will lead you to go deeper! It will challenge you to go further! I shall try it again.. you better watch out macarons!

Update: I was able to use the failed pink macarons to decorate a cake.

Second Attempt
– – – Watch out for this space. I won’t surrender…. YET – – –

25-February-2012: Second Attempt

Since my failed first attempt in August 2010, I’ve never had the courage or even the time to try the macarons again. Year 2011, I have stopped baking for some personal reasons but it didn’t stop me thinking about this unfinished mission. Yes, you heard that right. I have considered this as unfinished mission. I was imagining that maybe even while laying in the hospital bed *knock-on-wood*, I’ll be begging the hospital to grant me clearance so I can complete this mission LOL

Last Thursday, out-of-nowhere, it just hit me! I want to try the macarons again! So after work, I bought the necessary ingredients then pulled out Shinni’s recipe (refer to the above workshop) from my compiled printed files. I just had this feeling that I know this time it will be right. And I’m right! Yes!

Actually, I almost gave up 😦 The macarons were all piped in their respective baking sheets and ready to be put in the oven. When I switched on my oven and started to pre-heat it, I smelled like something was burning. And there it was, little smoke inside the oven. Geez. I switched it off immediately. When I switched it back, the power in our flat went off too! LOL I was so nervous! My friend helped me locate the circuit breaker. I tried to switch on the oven again. And the power went off for the 2nd time. LOL I thought I can’t give up now. I wanted to try again for the 3rd time but my friend advised me not to HA-HA-HA. I used the old oven of my other flatmate. It took me a few hours more to figure out how to get it to the right temperature. Ok, got it! I was successful. I was able to bake the macarons. I can hear Journey’s song playing in the background: ‘Don’t stop believingggg… Hold on to that fee-li-ngggg’.

After it was filled with ganache, I have to taste-test it. I took a bite. Mmmm… Yipee! No air inside the macaron shell LOL Unlike my previous failed attempt: the shell was thin and only contains air! But now… now its goneeee!! I wanted to cry! hehehe By this time, Queen’s song was playing: ‘We are the champions! We are the champions!’ LOL

It made me so happy. And my friend too! LOL I can close this case now hehehe And now, I don’t think I can stop baking macarons LOL I just need to work on more with my piping skills hehehe

A happy ending 🙂 I love macarons!

‘A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.’ – Elbert Hubbard

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  1. Marix says:

    amin na lng yan hahaha

    1. sweetlyf says:

      hahaha wala na Marix 😛

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