Hello 2018!

I knowwwww … It’s already the 7th day of 2018 and I’m still updating my blog about 2017.

Not much for me last year. I was busy with something else. I only started using my oven in June 2017 since I returned here in Philippines last June 2016. Then came December, I received a few cake and cupcake orders. I can’t miss that chance because I know there will be lots of Holiday gift giving.

I baked almost 20+ small cakes (6-inch), and 300+ cupcakes: Twenty Vanilla Sponge cakes, 10 with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC) and 10 with Mocha SMBC. Three Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese icing. More than 300 Chocolate Cupcakes with SMBC (in Vanilla and Mocha flavors).

I was overwhelmed with the orders that I didn’t have the time to even update my Instagram account. (Frankly, I’m not even a heavy user of social media so it almost didn’t make any difference whether my IG is updated LOL I don’t even open my FB hehe) That time when I have completed all the commissioned work, I’d rather sleep than use my phone. Ahhh I miss sleeping! But I was also happy baking 🙂

For the purpose of documenting, here are the cakes. cupcakes and cookies that I baked in 2017.

December 2017
November 2017
June to October 2017


By the way, I didn’t notice that I’ve been with my wordpress blog for 8 years now. Wow! At least I have achieved something *wink* Thanks wordpress for the sweet reminder 🙂


For the first month of 2018, I have to make a decision whether to replace my Rowenta oven.  During last month’s baking, I almost rushed to buy a new one because it wasn’t working. Good thing my half-brother is knowledgeable on this, so he gave a temporary fix. He suggested that I buy a new one just to be sure as my oven will give up on me any time soon. It’s been with me for more or less 8 years. It has served me well. (Geez, I’m not really good in letting go of my old stuff LOL).

I hope I can bake more this year.

Cheers to all home bakers!

Happy baking!


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