Rapunzel cake and cupcakes


Madz requested Rapunzel cake for her dear daughter, Orabelle. She turned 1 last 14th Oct but the celebration party was last Sunday, 28th Oct.



She likes the pink and purple color theme. Initially, she wanted to have the Tangled theme but later opted for a simple cake. I was ready for a new challenge to make the Rapunzel cake topper but she realized that it’s more practical to buy a miniature doll instead.



I bought this tiny doll from Toys R Us and costs $24.99 Sgd. Originally she’s wearing the white gown with purple and has 2nd purple gown. I think the 2nd gown is cuter on cake so I used it. Here’s the truth, I was also worried that if I make the Rapunzel figurine (with such a very short time), no one will recognize that it’s Rapunzel except that the loonnggg hair will be a give-away clue LOL.



The top tier is a 6-inch cake and the bottom tier is a dummy (styrofoam) cake on a 14-inch cake board. Another practical choice of Madz πŸ™‚ I tried to stick with the pink/purple theme. Adding other colors (like green, yellow or gold) will be a bit weird, I think. The 15 cupcakes only have a simple topper (the story about this before this entry post ends) and in a plastic container to serve as souvenirs.




Thanks Madz for this request πŸ™‚ It has been a long-time since I last saw you (I think when you still haven’t given birth yet). Orabelle is a very pretty girl. Β She’s lucky to have a strong mom to protect and support her πŸ™‚ Stay strong Madz! Happy birthday Orabelle! πŸ™‚






Now, for the whining part (Yippie).
You may ask why I always whine everytime I do this occasional orders LOL Maybe I should have a separate page as whining corner in my blog. Nahhh, the warning sign will do just fine πŸ™‚ Well, I guess I’m an honest and transparent person and don’t you think it would be nice if you know what’s happening behind this hobby? LOL Well, of course, this is my blog and I can write whatever I want to πŸ˜›

Oh yeah, the story. My saturday experience was no different from sunday. Time management, my biggest problem. A problem that caused me to suffer from stress-related-gastric ulcer (is there such a thing? LOL). And then there’s my full-time work, soo exhausted from accompanying a visiting friend a weekend ago, cake/cupcakes request on Saturday, dinner-to-the-late-wee-hours-of-the-morning with friends on Saturday night and stress on planning/packing for my November overseas trip with my flatmates. The cupcake toppers were affected. I didn’t have time to make Madz request for chameleon, crown and shoes. And it was just fair enough to deduct these things from what I charged to Madz. Of course, I was also not satisfied with the final cupcakes *sighs* Two consective days with problems in transporting the cake and cupcakes. But this time no apology and discount from the cab driver like yesterday LOL

Maybe I should change my blog name to Sweet Whining or Sweet Whiner. *Giving it a thought now LOL*


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