A Royal Blue Wedding Cake


This is another late post of the wedding cake I made for Aileen and Joel last 12th of December 2012.


Aileen requested this like 3 or 4 months before her wedding. I was so excited to do another wedding cake.


When I came back from a 2-week holiday, it took me many weeks to recover from getting sick (coughs,cold and fever). Despite of this, I still have to go to my full-time job 😦 Bummer huh? It came to a point where I had to get an Xray because my coughing couldn’t stop. It was too late to back-out from this request. I was really praying hard that I’ll recover even for the week that I have to prepare and make this cake LOL


This is a 6-inch and 8-inch square cakes. The top tier was decorated with manually done royal icing scrolls. The bottom tier was decorated with quilt and edible silver buttons. It sounds easy but there’s a challenge here. The bride prefers the cake NOT to have the straight edges. Imagine that. After trying to learn how to cover cakes (I’m still learning!) with fondant and have those straight edges, here’s one request who prefers the pillowy-type edges. I tried, but I think I failed in that area LOL. I couldn’t make it look like pillowy-type. It requires very thick fondant covering, right?


For the cake topper, good thing I didn’t do any sugar figurines. Aileen chose to have this topper (I think it’s really cute!) which I bought from the baking supplies store.


Since the cake was not that tall, I made this cake stand. It’s 12-inch styrofoam/dummy square cake covered in white crepe paper then used the Wilton lace thing to decorate it.


I hope the newly wed couple and their guests enjoyed the cake 🙂


Thanks Aileen and Joel for this request. Congratulations and best wishes!



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